Design Videos

Game Analysis

Check out video essays about game design  written/read by Max Cronce and edited by Jake O’Neill! More analysis videos to come soon(ish).


Here’s some examples of my work. Some of it was done for class projects, some was done on my own, and some are a combination of the two.


A unique 4-6 player party card game about deception, anonymity, suspicion, and cheating.

The Woodsman

A noir style twine game about a murder. There’s a twist though. You control both the killer and the detective.  While a single playthrough might be quick with 200+ unique screens, 19,000+ words, and 20+ endings there’s a lot of different paths to explore. 

Keep It Together

An abstract puzzle platformer in which you must tear off your limbs to progress. This was a joint project between Max Cronce, Jake O’Neill, and Ethan Chong. Aside from trying out some level design this was also intended to get across a certain tone without using words.

Design Videos

Level Design Analysis Videos (New Shovel Knight Video Up)


Thalassophobia is an experimental tabletop RPG where the GM is the primary antagonist of the party. I made itover the course of four weeks in a class. It’s free to download & play.