Max Cronce

Game Designer

Hi, I’m Max. I'm an AGPM major at UCSC. I’m most interested in game storytelling, systems design, testing/refinement, and MDA as well as UI/UX. I also have some coding experience and have been studying level design in my free time.


In addition to being a 3rd year at UCSC,  I’m also working as an undergraduate research assistant where I'm helping to identify, collect, build, and analyze a database of thousands of independent video games for a research project.



- 2016

I’ve been on the Dean’s honors list for over half of my time here and I’m an undergrad research assistant.

2018 -





- 2020





2022 -



My Skills

I have experience with working on a team using collaborative tools such as Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, Dropbox, and GitHub. I also have experience coding in the following languages.


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Here’s some examples of my work. Some of it was done for class projects, some was done on my own, and some are a combination of the two.



Thalassophobia is an experimental tabletop RPG where the GM is the primary antagonist of the party. I made it over the course of four weeks in a class. It’s free to download & play.

Color Schemers


Color Schemers is a frantic party game for 2 - 4 players being developed for a capstone project by a small group of UCSC students.

I’m working as Design lead, SFX creator, and Co-producer on the project.



A unique 4-6 player party card game about deception, anonymity, and cheating.

Keep It Together


An abstract puzzle platformer in which you must tear off your limbs to progress. This was a joint project between Max Cronce, Jake O’Neill, and Ethan Chong. Aside from trying out some level design this was also intended to get across a certain tone without using words.

Design Videos


Level Design Analysis Videos (New Shovel Knight Video Up)

The Woodsman

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A noir style twine game about a murder. There’s a twist though: you control both the killer and the detective.  While a single playthrough might be quick, with 200+ unique screens, 19,000+ words, and 20+ endings there’s plenty  of different paths to explore. 

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