A Noir-Lovecraftian Tabletop RPG 

(Written/Designed by Max Cronce)
(Title Art by Lukas Cronce)
(Graphic Design contributions from Jake O’Neill and Jihong Min)

Thalassophobia is a pen and paper tabletop RPG where the GM takes on the role of an otherworldly creature known as The Suit.

The presence of monsters, traitors, and personalized sealed envelopes creates a mysterious, tense atmosphere that keeps the players wondering who or what they can trust.

This game is for (4-5) people including the GM. You need at least (6) D6s, paper/pencils, (4) envelopes, and a pair of scissors.

If this sounds interesting to you, feel free to download it and play it with your friends! It requires a little set-up, so I’d recommend reading through the rules ahead of time.

Complete Rules:

Download Rules

Scenario Guide used at PixelPop 2019, Dreamhack Anaheim 2020, & BostonFIG 2021 Demos:

Download Outline

In-depth Explanation:



Here’s some examples of my work. Some of it was done for class projects, some was done on my own, and some are a combination of the two.



Physical | Solo

Thalassophobia is an experimental, one-shot tabletop RPG where the GM takes on the role of an otherworldly creature known as The Suit.

Can a small party of unlikely allies triumph over The Suit or will paranoia tear them asunder?

It’s free to download & play.

Color Schemers


Digital | Group

Color Schemers is a frantic party game for 2 - 4 players developed in Unity for a capstone project by a small group of UCSC students.

I worked as design lead, level designer, SFX creator, and Co-producer on the project.



Physical | Group

A unique 4-6 player party card game about deception, anonymity, and cheating.

Each player assumes the role of a particular criminal, each with their own abilities and goals.

Use your abilities to turn the game in your favor! 

Luck is for chumps!

Max’s Minigames


Digital | Solo

Two minigames that I created. They both have the same minimalist style, but play differently.

DodgeBomb is a grid-based infinite runner that I created for a game jam.

Color Castle is a versus multiplayer game that is played using an alternative controller that I built. 

Design Videos


Digital | Group

We make  essays on game  design that particularly interest us.

We also make trailers and explanatory videos for our games.

The Woodsman

Screenshot%202018 11-28%2017.36.07

Digital | Solo

A noir style Twine game about a murder. There’s a twist though: you control both the killer and the detective.  

While a single playthrough might be quick, with 200+ unique nodes, 19,000+ words, and 20+ endings there’s plenty  of different paths to explore.